May 2016 Pavel Unger

The Tempest

Conductor Péter Halász must take huge credit for the interpretation of Adès’ diverse, instrumentally-rich score. Reflecting the musical metaphors and the changing moods of the plot, Halász leads the orchestra with rapt concentration and inspirational authority. There were parts where the instruments were dominant, determining the atmosphere and movement of the plot, and others where the accompaniment added colour to the performance. The Tempest features many lyrical sequences (for instance, the love scenes between Miranda and Ferdinand); there are sections in the form of arias (Ariel) or monologues (Prospero); and there is also a great amount of ensemble singing. Under Halász’s assured baton, with a united effort and a perfectly capable choir, the premiere went smoothly and resulted in an eminently satisfying production.


  • September 2023 Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
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